Chicken party!

Hi hi! To shake things up a bit I'm sneaking in a bento post today! This one had a bit more work into it because I woke up extra early for some reason, and because it's nice to make days extra special from time to time ;) below it's the breakdown:


Jasmine rice with bell pepper + onion stars and seaweed + kale chicks

Chicken skewers on kale bed


Quinoa + beet + walnut salad with boiled egg

Bird shaped butter cookies


As you might imagine I have small cookie and sandwich cutters in star, flower and bird shapes, I don't do those by hand! It's easy to "pretty" lunches up just by using a cookie cutter on veggies, cheese or whatever you can cut to make a cute accent on your food. The skewers where pretty easy and fun to assemble as well, they have become a regular after this lunch! 

For the skewers, get your favorite protein (chicken, beef, tofu, salmon, etc) and chop it in medium bite-size pieces. Gather the veggies you have at hand! You can chop pieces of onion, bell peppers, pitted olives, pickles, cherry tomatoes, apples; anything you like and/or have at hand, really. Cook your protein until tender, but not browned, just make sure there are no raw pieces left. Let it cool for a little while, take your skewer sticks and it's time to assemble! I usually alternate one veggie piece and a protein piece, until the skewer is filled up, you can make different combinations between the skewers. When you have all your skewers assembled, heat up a pan and drizzle some oil on the bottom, place the skewers and drizzle a bit more on top of them. Let them sear for a little while and turn them around to sear both sides. You can sprinkle salt and pepper when done, and there you have them!

The best part about skewers is that they taste good hot or cold, so they are perfect picnic food as well. And since they have a stick between them they seem like "hard work food", so they are sure to impress your friends! Or, that's what I think, at least. My husband is always happy when I make these.

I'll continue with the Japan adventure on the next post, so write to you soon!