Hello! The lunch I'm sharing this time has one fun twist on egg-making: tamagoyaki! It's like a japanese omelette roll that I thought was complicated to cook, but it's actually pretty easy after your first attempt. I'm no expert, but I'll soon share a detailed how-to so you can cook it as well! (I tried today but I can't cook and hold the camera at the same time, so I need my husband to help me with this one). As for the rest, I got frozen gyoza dumplings because they always come in handy, and the strawberry gelatin is just pureed strawberries, unflavored gelatin, a bit of sugar and almond milk.

Frozen foods are always a time and mess saver, whether you make them from scratch and then freeze them or just buy a frozen package, it always helps speed up your lunch prep. One good tip (specially if your fruits and veggies tend to go bad in the fridge before you eat them) is to buy lots of fruit when it is in season and freeze it. You need to wash it, slice it and freeze it in a tray to avoid clumping (this is optional), then you can toss it in ziploc bags. The fruit will keep its nutrients and it's perfect for morning smoothies as well!


Kale and veggie pan-fried gyoza

Cherry tomatoes

Enoki mushrooms and bamboo shoots


Veggie tamagoyaki

Strawberry milk gelatin



I tried some sort of "asian themed" lunch this time, it makes it easier to plan ahead lunches if you have in mind what sort of ingredients you'll be using during the week when you go grocery shopping. Hope you like it!