On a different timezone

Since last sunday I am currently exploring Japan with my husband, it's been an amazing week and I can't wait to share everything here in the blog! The food, the cute things, the ancient, the modern; it's a magical place. I might be able to write some posts this weekend and the following week, but if I get too tired by the end of the day (like it happened this whole week) my regular posting will resume by the 27th of April.

I am on a relaxing break right now as I travel on the shinkansen (bullet train) to Kyoto, so I wanted to take this moment to try out the Blogger app and write an update here. I want to take some photos of the beautiful rural landscape but it just rushes by the window making it very hard to capture, so I'll just go back to eating some snacks while I wait for the train to arrive. I say goodbye for now with a photo of my snack from yesterday's train, Mister Donut makes some amazingly chewy doughnuts!