Lunch time!

As a new year's resolution, Alex (my husband) and I decided we wanted to eat healthier. No diets, just better food, have less take-out and more homemade, cut a bit back on the sugars (specially me, sadly), you know the thing. I knew the day will come where I would be able to prepare packed lunches for someone aside me; and I couldn't be more excited about it! I love bento boxes, they are those nice japanese lunch boxes for those not familiar with the name. They have all sorts of cute things to make pretty lunches, and my OCD is more than happy packing things orderly in containers.

So we went ahead and got an awesome adult-size box from Monbento, and the 'Just Bento Cookbook' from Makiko Itoh, which I learned so much from! I had also been stocking on veggie cutters, food picks, and tiny tongs since a Daiso store opened up near my apartment last year, so I was more than ready. So, without further ado, here is my first bento:


Tuna salad, cherry tomatoes and kale


Sautéed edamame and carrots

Banana bread with dulce de leche



I will later share the banana bread recipe my mom gave me, it's real quick and simple (and yummy!). And I will also be sharing the bento boxes I'm preparing Alex, some with more cutesy animal-shaped food, others more on the quick and simple side. They are fun, save money and help in portion control if you are trying to stay fit (unless, of course, you pack a block of cheese with chips and oreos everyday, or something like that) I hope you like them!