Bento monday!

Last monday I shared a bento with you, so I thought it might become a thing to share lunches with you on mondays! Here is the third (I messed up the photos of the second one, sadly) lunch I made for Alex:


Mini burgers with lemony onions

Jasmine rice 


Kale salad with cherry tomatoes and walnuts (pig bottle with vinaigrette)

Potato and sweet potato baked fries


Green tea chocolate Pocky



Since I am presenting not-so-fancy foods on the lunchboxes, I'm not posting the recipes. I can share them if you want to, though, just ask on the comment section! :)

As I learned from Makiko Itoh's book, it is important to pack food that won't get spoiled if left out of the freezer for a couple of hours, so no raw meats and fresh dairy products. Most cheeses are okay, but yogurt, for example, might get funky unrefrigerated on warmer days. You should also try to arrange food using tongs or wearing plastic gloves to preserve freshness as long as possible.

Also, preparing large amounts of food on weekends or mid-week and keeping a batch in the refrigerator (or freezer) is a great time saver. I usually eat lunch by myself at home, so I cook double the amount I am already cooking and reserve it for Alex's next day bento. You can also buy lunch-sized food, like cherry tomatoes, small berries, baby carrots, single-pack cheeses and so on! All of these saver time and effort to make it a fun and healthier food routine.